Chugging Along

I have a few crumbs of adoption news. After two or so months of silence, Mr. Book wrote Cricket a card in late June; I sent him a card for the 4th of July. We picked out and bought his birthday and Christmas gifts, which will sit quietly in the closet until it’s time to wrap them. In the meantime, Ruth has been complaining about Cricket on Facebook; he is interested in guns and in death, and she disapproves strongly and publicly. That part’s not so good.

But things down here are good. Oh, sure, we have periods of so tired we want to scream—Joey just got both top canine teeth at once, which left him puffy-cheeked and frazzled—but overall, we have two sweet-natured little boys and time to enjoy them. Kit wants to be put down sometimes to investigate the world on his own, which Joey absolutely never did; if you set baby Joey down, he would howl. But Kit wants to be set down sometimes, and will then cheerily wiggle toward the edge of the bed or try to roll under the futon. He’s huge (95th percentile for both height and weight) and smiley. He certainly gets less time with me just staring adoringly at him and more time tucked into my arms while I work on something else than Joey ever did, but I still have time to look intensely at him and get weepy with a kind of baffled gratitude that is a distinctly parental feeling.

4 thoughts on “Chugging Along

  1. oh, cricket. that must be so hard. i hope SOMEONE on FB points out that it’s a perfectly normal thing for a preschooler to get obsessed with, and doesn’t mean a thing about him. but yay for joey and kit!

  2. I think it’s also a factor that if he says something about guns or death, Ruth apparently gives him a pretty good reaction—I mean, I can see it being hard not to react, but….

  3. Yeah, it’s completely normal, although alarming. My 4 year old girl gets in grooves where she is all about guns and such. It freaks me out, but is normal. I would love to see some pics of the boys 🙂

  4. It’s good that you guys are sending Cricket cards even though you’re not getting any updates or pictures from Ruth. It’s annoying that she called Cricket out on fb. I feel like status updates should not be used to embarrass kids or build parents up (e.g. “Y’all know I’m strictly raw vegan. Can you believe my kid ate a corn dog at his friend’s house?”)

    I love hearing how well Kit is doing. And Joey has the sweetest face!

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