I emailed a friend a list of Kit’s symptoms, then kind of freaked out about the length of the list, and took the list to some moms I know—they suggested that I try cutting dairy out of my diet, I did, and Kit is a whole new baby. Seriously, he’s almost unrecognizable: cheery and mellow and sleeping. Not sleeping through the night, of course; I think that would take some kind of black magic. But I’d swear he’s even a healthier color. Family members have remarked on how much more comfortable and happy he seems.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten better as he has. I’m muddling along, but it’s harder than it ought to be. Some of that is just that these two are growing, and every time Joey hits a new developmental phase, I start thinking about what it would be like if all three boys were together here. Pointless, sure, but I’m pretty lousy at avoiding it. Joey climbed out of his crib, and suddenly I’m extra introspective and sad.


3 thoughts on “Miraculous

  1. I am so glad that Kit is doing better! You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers. A lot of “what could have been” grief moments have been hitting me lately so I can begin to imagine how yours may feel.
    Have you and Mr. Book planned an outing for just the two of you? Or a little solo time for you?

  2. hard advice but please be kind to yourself.

    YEA KIT!!!!

    I went to see my doctor after the birth of my first son re:depression. I was offered antidepressants (a valid option) and also told about a study that suggested that moderate exercise, 30 minutes a day, had the same long term affect on seratonin(spelling?) levels in the brain as a medical approach without the same side effects. It helped.

    Sometimes I get annoyed when my husband doesn’t listen and offers a suggestion. If you are needing a space where people listen and do not attempt to solve, please disregard my prior sharing and consider yourself hugged.

  3. YAY! CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING SUCH A MIRACULOUS DISCOVERY! Even if it doesn’t solve everything (or even touch the possibility, as the case may be), it is still an important step–and I hope you’re celebrating.

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