Joey is happier, stringing words together, and altogether responding well to home preschool. I feel a little less conflicted about oppressing him. Most of his talk has been unambiguously awesome:

Q: Is that your phone?

J: My phone!

Q: Are you going to have dinner?

J: Nice dinner!

J: Plane! Plane! Plane fly back there!!

At one point, I showed him a short video of Cricket and said “That’s your brother, Cricket.” He said no, so I tried again—“That’s your brother, Cricket”—and he said “No my brother!” So, uh, great language skills: depressing conversation.

This week we’re going to be doing Music and Sounds, which is right up his alley; tomorrow is Joey’s birthday, so it seems fitting that we’re going to do something that he loves. I have made lesson plans and playlists and am now just waiting for the little Toot to wake up.