Boy Howdy

I sent Nora a message, asking for her address: “We want to send you a Christmas card!” And she wrote back, and she sent me a friendly message—and her new address.

So, yes – please be in contact! And I will do my best to do the same. I do like to know what is going on with you all and as things are settling down in our lives, it will be easier for me to send you pictures and stay in contact.

Isn’t that nice? My message to her was less warm: we haven’t heard from you in a year and a half, you haven’t called or written in years, but if you want to have direct contact, that is a thing that we would like. It wasn’t quite so bald-faced as that, but it lacked the careful cheerfulness that characterizes nearly every message I send north. And now I’m going to send Nora a card in early December, one with pictures of the younger two boys, and I am cautiously optimistic. I believe that she came out of the divorce with their camera; maybe we’ll get pictures. Too, Nora seems (when she [infrequently] posts on Facebook) to enjoy Cricket whether he’s being traditionally boyish or fancy, and to do things with him like go hiking or get hot chocolate. I would very much like to hear how she talks about him, and what she thinks he’s like.

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