A wild list post appears!

  • My sister Tammy is visiting us this week! She and her husband own a small bakery on the other coast, so we mostly never see them anymore. I get nervous about cooking while she’s here, which she knows, and every time I see her she has to give me a little pep talk before I can make dinners. She’s got it down to about two minutes of white-hot efficacy.
  • Joey and Kit are really starting to play together and enjoy each other. It’s just the most wonderful thing.
  • I got a card in the mail from Cricket! It was very short, but he was responding to a card I sent him last year. Totally made my week.
  • We’re figuring out more visits; Kate and her sweetheart are coming in March, a family friend is still looking at dates, and Mr. Book is going to go see his mother sometime this spring. We’d also like to drag the kids out to Kate’s place, although money makes that tricky. Still no word from Ruth or Nora about whether they plan to visit this year, and I think I probably shouldn’t bring it up until it’s been a year since the last one—say, the beginning of May.
  • Joey has been labeling things for the last couple of days: “onge” while staring at oranges, “loht” as he flips the lightswitch on and off, “hot wada” in the shower. I more and more think that we’re going to have to have his tongue tie resolved, since his pronunciation is so bad, but there’s more talk. He also some time ago started babbling as though he were speaking in sentences; I thought this was regression until I reread a baby book, which insists that this is actually another stage on the way to fluent speech. Fingers crossed.
  • Joey, for reasons of his own, stood beside an armchair, patting it higher and higher and saying “Up, up, up.” I don’t know how better to describe this: he would put his right hand flat against the middle of the chair and then start patting it upward until he reached the top. Kit then pulled himself up against the director’s chair nearby, slapped his hand against it a couple of times, and said “Up, up!” while grinning at Joey.
  • We got Joey a couple of new straw cups, because it turns out that we can never, ever have enough. Once of them is a Finding Nemo cup—he had some apple juice in it to break it in. I pointed to the baby sea turtle decorating the cup and said “Look, Joey! A turtle!” Joey gave me this you-poor-idiot look and said “Juice.”
  • Kit is wicked fast these days, and will scoot right up to your feet and then sit, looking up and smiling at you hopefully. Pick him up! Up! Please, up! He’ll chase you all around the house. He doesn’t want to stay in your arms—the boy’s got stuff to do!—but he wants to be picked up and admired by everyone tall enough to lift him.

6 thoughts on “Bullet

  1. So cute. Glad to hear Joey’s speech is progressing and boys are enjoying each other.

    (… did you slip with Kit’s name? Second bullet point?)

  2. We had our son’s tongue tied issue resolved in the doctor’s office with a laser. It was fast and simple and seemed to be not terribly painful. I am glad we did. However, he was still an infant so the ability to verbalize pain was limited. I don’t know how different it will be with a toddler.

    My son does think it cool that he can lift his tongue higher and further back than anyone else in our family now because when they cut his tongue back, it goes further back than the average person.

    Just a little personal experience story.

  3. That’s sooo awesome that you got a card from Cricket! Glad that you guys have plans to see Aunt Kate and Aunt Tammy. They are going to be so in taken with the boys, I bet. They’re seriously cute like baby pandas.

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