Things just keep changing. We’re having a huge change, and it’s not a baby or a divorce. But I want to wander around in circles a bit before I get to the point. Like I do.

Mr. Book’s mother is going blind. I don’t know how much I’ve said about her situation onblog, but she is in her sixties, diabetic, and has had strokes. And now she’s going blind. At the same time, Mr. Book has been unable to find steady work here. A month or so ago, the Dowager Book asked Mr. Book to come visit her, and after talking it over, she bought him a plane ticket for March 7. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been talking and talking—and he’s going to stay there once he arrives. He already has a part-time job waiting, and the city where the Dowager Book lives never had a recession; he’s hopeful about adding a second job quickly. We’ll be separated for up to a year (although hopefully not that long) while I stay with my parents and tend the boys and he lives in the Midwest and saves up money to bring us out and get us a place. We could use a new(used) car, too. Mr. Book will be able to go to school out there, although that is being pushed back again, and that part is lousy—almost as lousy as being apart for so long.

We’re a burden to my parents here, and my mother lets us know that pretty frequently—and fair enough, four extra people ain’t nothing to sneeze at in terms of obligations. It’s hard for them, having us here, and it’s hard for us, too. The Mister’s mother really needs helps, and the idea of being an asset to someone is appealing. Mr. Book had no sooner asked her how the job market is in her city than she was begging him to move there and bring us along. Mr. Book and I have done the long-distance thing before, but leaving the kids behind is awful, and was the main thing that delayed our final decision. I’ll need to get us a webcam when I can so that the lads can Skype with their Daddy–in the next few weeks, I’m going to take as many pictures as I can of the boys with my Mister. And I’m sad, too. But we’re also both hopeful. We both know that we should have stayed in the Midwest instead of going to Stumptown when we married, just because it is so much cheaper to live in the Midwest . . . but we love Stumptown beyond all reason, and still have it as our ultimate goal. But it’s far in the future.

I haven’t told Ruth and Nora yet. I asked Nora via Facebook message what they’re thinking re: visit this year (well before we’d made this decision), and a week or so later, she let me know that they’ve started talking about what they’ll do but have no more information for me at this time. There’s no way that they’d be able to visit before Mr. Book leaves the state—Nora’s job is completely bananas this time of year, and she’s working 80+ hours each week—so I don’t feel as though I absolutely have to tell them right now. But soon, of course, I’ll let them know. I assume that they’ll just choose to visit one of us: probably me, since the boys are with me. But visits to Mr. Book would be slightly complicated, as the Dowager Book has been pretending for just over four years now that Cricket died after birth. A problem for the future.

6 thoughts on “Big

  1. Wow! That is a huge change. I hope that it works out well for Mr Book, but I can only imagine how hard this will be for you and the boys. Hopefully you can follow him out there sooner than later.


  2. It sounds like you guys have made a really thoughtful decision. While living apart is hard, this move sounds promising. It can pave the way for great things. I’ll be interested to hear more about the Dowager Book with respect to Mr. Book and Cricket.

  3. Such enormous changes. While this doesn’t touch the emotional content of this post – I think I have a perfectly functional webcam you can have. I will mail it to you if you email me your address. That is once I find it while packing for our move.

  4. That is so exciting! It really sounds like a great opportunity for your family, although it will certainly be tough while you are away from each other. I think Mr. may be very near me, right?

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