Me Me Me

A little more on my head: it’s not the sort of pattern of baldness that you get with thyroid problems, so I’m not worried about that. It could be alopecia—no health care = no certainty as to a diagnosis—but my father has an auto-immune disorder that resulted in itchy, patchy baldness, and now I have itchy, patchy baldness (two patches so far, with several others thinning out alarmingly), so we’re just assuming that it ain’t nothing but a family thing. The progression of my father’s disease was halted by medical intervention, but it was lengthy and expensive medical intervention, so I’m just looking at getting and hemming some cloth for kerchiefs. Oh, and my mom has me rubbing diaper ointment on my head, since she thinks that it is a panacea. I don’t know whether you saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but the way that the father of the bride feels about Windex is the way my mother feels about A+D ointment. It can’t hurt to try, anyway.

In fact, let’s make this the me post. I’m working on two romance novels right now. I’m hopeful about being able to sell them, although we’ll see. But I decided that it made more sense for me to knuckle down and try to write something salable than work on my probably unreadable dream novel, and I’m enjoying the work more than I expected to. Less art and more storytelling. Part of this is because I’d like to be able to do more things for the kids, things that take money, and if I could sell a romance novel a few times a year (of course, one every couple of months is my secret ambition, but I am trying to sound reasonable), that would go a long way toward Music Together classes or what have you. And I need new clothes. Whine whine, we are so poor, but I’m down to two pairs of yoga pants and I’d really like to be able to just get a pair of jeans or something, you know? Unless I wear my nicest clothes (in good shape, because I never wear them), I look poor. And I don’t exactly mind—I am poor—but I’d like to have a couple more pairs of pants, and maybe a couple of wrap skirts, and some kerchiefs. A couple of t-shirts would be good, too. Whenever we get a little money, it goes to the kids—and I think that they should be our top priority, and my small upcoming freelance check is going to get Joey summer clothes—but at some point, I need things. So it’s time to try harder to make some money.

I’ve been in contact with Mom #1, who probably needs a blog name at this point. Molly? She looks like a Molly. At any rate, Molly’s girls got badly sick, so I took them dinner one night last week—I’ve offered to do so again this week, since the girls are improving so slowly and now Molly’s husband has fallen ill. But I think either I will bring dinner by or we’ll have a playdate and I’ll bring something else (I’m thinking homemade twinkies, infinitely better than the store-bought kind). Molly seems like a remarkably sweet person, and now that the Mister is going bajillions of miles away, I’m going to need to make friends here more than ever.

5 thoughts on “Me Me Me

  1. Have you ever considered doing contracted writing work for companies or something like SAT tutoring for teenagers? Both can be pretty lucrative, and can take up pretty small chunks of your day (and I suspect you would be very good at both). SAT tutors I know have charged between 20 and 100 dollars an hour, and parents pay in cash… and that money can really add up. You can advertise at your local library or high school.

    Also, for a quick (and very inexpensive) clothing fix: half-off day at your local Salvation Army! My local Salvie’s has a half-off day, at least, and I’m sure you could find a decent and workable pair of jeans for a few dollars even on a regular day. It’s definitely not the same as going shopping for something special, but it definitely can work. The kids’ section is also good to peruse because they grow so fast, and so lots of it is new or barely worn. Maybe you do all of these things already, but I thought this was worth a mention. 🙂

    • If I knew how to get writing work, I would be all over it; tutoring I can’t do (although Kaplan offered me a teaching gig at one point) because of the boys. Starting in a week and a half, I’ll be the only caretaker for them—my parents are happy to watch them for a few hours once a week, and I get out of the house then, but it’s not predictable enough or often enough for a tutoring business.

      I will be getting used clothes for Joey (and Kit only gets his hand-me-downs)—I was including diapers, which will cost quite a bit more than clothes. Joey has outgrown our cloth diapers, and they persistently leaked on Kit, so we’re just using disposables now. And we will be okay, what with living rent-free here, and Mr. Book starting work (it looks like he has two jobs!) soon. But anxiousness about money is right in my wheelhouse. I hadn’t considered used clothes for myself, which makes me feel kind of dumb, but that is an obvious and excellent solution. Thanks.

  2. Some of my trouble, too, is my priorities. I want the kids to look well and feel like they have what they need and much of what they want because I am self-conscious about the birthparent thing; we all sort of accepted that there are better parents and better providers than I the first time around, so I’ve been doing my damndest to show that that isn’t the case. Even when I look raggedy (often), the boys have clean and often adorable clothing. If I had $25 and a mandate to spend it, assuming we were full up on boy clothes and diapers and what have you, I’d still be more inclined to spend it on crayons and chalk and paint and board books than on some jeans and underpants for myself. This is probably a bigger thing that I should post about separately.

  3. That’s so cool that you’re writing romance novels. I’m so sorry about the hair loss that you’re going through. I wish there were some other interventions. No expertise here, but I’ve been reading a book called SuperImmun*ty from the library. It’s possible there are foods that could help with healing…if only!

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