Keeping Score

I got Joey’s official report in the mail. I was at first frustrated that the plan outlined is just for speech and occupational therapy once a week (each), I noticed that he’s supposed to get his official, serious diagnosis made much earlier than the six months they told me he would have to wait; more like six weeks from now. So this is apparently only a very temporary plan. Now I’m just waiting to get a phone call from his case manager.

Here are his scores. Joey is 28 months old.

Cognitive function level: 12 months

Receptive communication level: 9 months

Expressive communication level: 6 months

Gross motor: 15 months

Fine motor: 16 months

Social/emotional functional level: 12 months

Adaptive/self-help functional level: 14 months

6 thoughts on “Keeping Score

  1. Seeing it all in writing the first time can be so hard. I remember when we got Liam’s first eval, even though I knew what it was going to say, it was still devastating. Remember he is more then the sum of all these parts, he’s an amazing, great kid.

  2. This is a hard part: getting reports, getting connected to helping services. I hope you are able to hook into the right sort of network pretty easily. You have an amazing boy–and are an amazing mama.

  3. oh this is so hard. I love the sentiment expressed by andy, that your boys are so much more than the sum of those numbers. still it’s hard. hoping he can get the therapy he needs and that you can get some good support to help you through. sending love.

  4. Andy nailed it. He IS an amazing great kid with amazing great parents. Sending lots of love your way, SusieBook. (Can you resend me your address?)

  5. I know this must be overwhelming and hard. But you’re on a good path, building Joey’s team. You guys have many strengths going into this process, and we’re all here to back you up.

  6. We are going through something similar right now with our son. Fitting everything together is such a challenge. I hope that you find all the resources you need!! And soon!

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