Yesterday I finally met with Joey’s case manager Mariposa. She said that she’s going to schedule his psychological evaluation as soon as possible—which is what I was asking for, so left me surprised. She was nothing but friendly and helpful, and is also setting up in-home services for Joey; I hope things move quickly, now. Since he’s already twenty-nine months old, Mariposa is also going to set up a meeting with the school system so that Joey can be evaluated by them—if he is diagnosed autistic by a psychologist, he won’t end up need the school system yet, but if he isn’t, at three he will start receiving services through them.


4 thoughts on “Mariposa

  1. I rarely comment, but wanted to tell you how intrigued by the twist in your story that this blog is now following. I appreciate the details you give, even if they seem mundane to you. The precise words expressing the minutiae including your intimate feelings has made me feel like I am walking this journey with you.

    Know that there are many of us watching silently from the sidelines as you are processing and undertaking this new world of “services” and “providers”.

    I think of you often Susie. For many, many reasons. As the lovely Lavender Luz would say “I am abiding with you”.

  2. That is such awesome news. I haven’t really been responding, but I really appreciate your posts about Joey’s evaluations and how all of this intersects with your adoption life and sheesh, you’re managing a lot!

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