My Kitten

I want to tell you about Kit. He’s not having any crises or anything, so he’s been less in the news, but he’s super great, and you should hear how he’s growing. He started walking at nine months, and now, at eleven months, is practically running; he’s at that stage where he thinks that naughtiness is hilarious. And you know, when he grabs my cell phone and starts his waddling run away, giggling hysterically, I pretty much agree with him. He’s a gigantic, outgoing, cheerful kid—he will saunter up to Joey, grab the front of his shirt, and start trying to snatch the cookie out of Joey’s hand. He is so physically confident (and Joey so frequently passive) that he’s able to manhandle his older brother pretty well. I intervene a lot, and both boys get lots of talk about and demonstrations of gentleness. But Kit never seems to mean any harm; he’s enthusiastic, and he doesn’t know his own strength.


I’ve started planning Kit’s birthday party (June 9!) and am hopefully that we might actually have some little kids attending, now that I’m slightly more active in the moms’ group. I even have a dopey pointed birthday hat for him to wear. Mr. Book will be here, and I can’t wait.


Kit loves to play hide and seek; it started as peek-a-boo, but now he wants to crawl away and hide behind something (because it’s funnier if he crawls, I guess) and then pop out at you—or, in the latest version, go into another room and have the two of you take turns going in to surprise the other one. It’s more fun than it probably sounds. He is desperate to eat chalk, and he loves baths and showers so much that he will stand outside the stall and yell at you should you try to shower without him.