Point by Point

He loves his occupational therapist and dislikes all the others. Not that he has anything against them personally (I think)—but he hates what they want him to do. But his OT is so great. At his last appointment with her, we were at a park, and she was trying to get him to go up and down hills with her. At one point, he decided that he had had it up to here with therapy, and he turned and ran away from her. As she jogged after him, the OT yelled “Good running, Joey!” =)

During ABA, Joey is asked to check and then follow a schedule; he plays (e.g., is made to do puzzles), has circle time (is read and sung to), gets a break, works with his teacher (which mostly involves being instructed to copy her actions or match colors these days), and then either has sensory time or gets to go outside. And he cries almost the whole time. He slowly lets himself be pushed through a puzzle and cries and cries. He sits in his therapist’s lap while she sings “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and moves his hands—and cries and cries. He doesn’t get aggressive, and he hasn’t tried to run away, but he is terribly unhappy.

Speech is almost as bad, but if I hide in the next room and listen from a spot where Joey can’t hear me, it goes much more smoothly.

And it’s all working. Joey is talking more, and he’s much more engaged with us.

Joey has started counting—he has a pop-up toy that has the numbers 1–5 embossed across the top, and he will point to each in turn and say “Wan, two, fou’, fou’, fou’.”

The kids are also playing together more; they’ve worked up a game that involves Joey running away and Kit chasing him, and there is a lot of laughing and checking on each other.

Joey’s also enjoying the pool; we got him a floatie that allows him to move around in the water on his own (uh, by which I mean totally supervised and with me in the pool—just not physically supporting him), and it’s wonderful to watch him working it out. I happen to know that Kit is getting a flotation device of his own this weekend for his birthday, so soon I’ll easily be able to take the kids into the water whenever we like.

KIT IS TURNING ONE ON SUNDAY!! I can hardly believe it. He’s not a baby any longer; he’s hell on wheels, in fact, and so great. If he can’t eat it, he’s going to try to break it—but he’s pretty sure that he can eat it. He has big feelings: he is so happy unless he is so mad. But mostly he’s a cheery little dude. We’re having a small party, and I plan to make him wear a ridiculous party hat for as long as he will tolerate it.

Our kitchen is being remodeled! While wonderful news in the long run, for right now, it means that we’re eating only frozen food and take-out, and the kids are living mostly outdoors. This is great for them, but also super filthy. Four more weeks until our kitchen emerges from its chrysalis! I’m a little disappointed that I can’t cook for Kit’s party, but we’ll order a cake and have a good time.

4 thoughts on “Point by Point

  1. I can’t believe Kit’s almost a year old already! It seems like the year has flown by. The boys are too cute for words.

  2. You’ve got a lot on the go! I’m so happy to hear that you are seeing some progress with Joey. And one year old!!! When did that happen? Have a great weekend and celebration.

  3. how wonderful that joey is making progress! it has to be a tough shift, but it’s about building trust now too, and that will enable him to take his next steps, you kwim? so glad you’re getting him what he needs.

    we’re just starting services for Z and omg it’s like nonstop, 3 appts/week — with the OT, speech and facilitated play group with kids who have similar (or more severe) delays — and that doesn’t even include PT if she really needs it (the other therapies are more pressing). I can’t even schedule everything between naptime and J’s preschool and lack of child care. it’s ridiculous. but grateful to have all of it at no charge, as our insurance covers nada.

    and wow, how did one year pass already?! happy birthday sweet kit! I love this, btw: “If he can’t eat it, he’s going to try to break it—but he’s pretty sure that he can eat it.”

  4. So, so glad you are getting services and therapy for Joey, but it must be tough to watch him weep through the whole process. I feel for you.
    And Happy Birthday Kit!

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