Fancy Nails

I have two fancy little boys at home. In early July, my sister Kate came for a weekend, and she had her toenails painted; Joey was captivated. Kate, charmed, arranged for a friend of hers to bring a few bottles of nail polish for him. When I first picked up a bottle of polish, Joey—who had never seen anyone actually paint her nails—thrust his foot into my hand. I painted his toenails a brilliant blue, and he was beyond thrilled. He has been checking other people’s toenails ever since, and many of his service providers paint their nails. (I am a grave disappointment, not having painted my toenails since my wedding, and before that—jeez, maybe six years?)

Every so often, I pick up another bottle of nail polish for Joey. I’ve enjoyed having this small quest, to find colors that I think he’ll like. At this point, his Oma (my mother) is seriously considering going through his stash and using one of his colors. Of course, Oma likes red, and Joey doesn’t have any red. But give it time. 😉

Joey is remarkably patient about having his nails painted—he wants to touch them as soon as possible, but will hold still and let me clean, paint, and blow on his toes without complaint. He smiles and laughs and wriggles with excitement. Currently, he is sporting sparkly orange nails. I only paint them about once a week, although—being an active toddler boy who goes barefoot outside—he chips them on day one. But he doesn’t care. He knows that he is fancy and beautiful.

I haven’t painted Kit’s nails. He doesn’t seem interested. But he loves to wear capes and hats and to drape scarves over his shoulders like stoles. He also likes to snatch the kerchief off my head and wear it, which is fine at home—but I don’t want him taking it off when we’re out and about, so he has thrown a few remarkable tantrums at the park. Soon he’ll be big enough for me to pull out the bin of dress-up clothes, and I can’t wait. I have already pulled out all the hats that we got or were given for Joey—they’ve been living in the back of the closet, since Joey hates hats with a passion.

Seeing both boys find their own fashion sense has been delightful.

5 thoughts on “Fancy Nails

  1. The boys are so darling. I love how you painted Joey’s toes! He’s such a cutie! Halloween will be fun with two little superheroes (or animals or rock stars). =)

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