Be Seeing You

We Skyped with Mr. Book this morning, and he and I talked on the phone afterwards—and he mentioned that he could see that Joey is falling behind Kit developmentally. I’ve been seeing the same thing, but it’s still hard to have it confirmed. But this morning, Kit was talking and signing and making a lot of eye contact; Joey was willing to do his latest and coolest thing, which is clapping, stomping his feet, and saying “Hooray [actually ‘hooway,’ which is infinitely cute]” at the appropriate moments of the song “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” Joey has made progress in many areas, and I sometimes lose track of how far behind typical kids he is: His fine motor is so much better! He regularly uses more than a dozen words! But seeing his brother catch up and then start to pass him is a stark reminder of Joey’s delays.

We’re coming into a slightly busy season; two weeks from Friday, Cricket and Nora are coming. Then, a week and a half after that, the boys and I are going to visit my sister Kate in the Midwest. And then, at the beginning of October, Mr. Book is coming to see us and we’re taking the boys to Disneyland.

I still haven’t really accepted that Cricket and Nora are coming. A week ago, Nora sent me a short video of Cricket riding his new bike (he is amazing!), and so I sent her a short video of Joey dancing at a concert in the park. She replied with “Cricket says I like the way you dance, and I’ll see you in a few weeks!” There have been a few situations like this, where Cricket say over Skype or in a text sent by Nora that he’ll see us soon, and I’ve always been awkwardly silent in response. I haven’t said anything of the kind to either one of them. But we’re supposed to Skype again on September 1; I have to try and say it.