Here and Gone Again

Mr. Book’s visit was super great. He brought germs with him, and we all got incredibly, disgustingly sick after he was gone, but it was great while he was here.

We took the kids to Disneyland: me, Mr. Book, and my parents. It was a pretty great time—the kids enjoyed the storybook rides and the churros very much, and my parents took charge of them for a few hours so that I could wander around with only my husband. Aside from that big event, we mostly just hung around with the boys during the day and hung out with each other in the evenings; the boys were immediately thrilled to see their dad, no warming up needed, which I was happy to see; it makes me think that we’re doing an okay job of keeping the three of them connected even at a distance.

It’s hard to write about his visit because I’m so sad that he’s gone. After a few weeks apart, we all settle into a new normal—but when he’s just left, it’s like an open wound. I miss that dude an awful lot.

4 thoughts on “Here and Gone Again

  1. As a reader who is newish– have you shared the back story? Why is Mr. Book so far away? Is it temporary?

    My husband used to travel often for work. It was really hard. I hope you’re all back together soon!

    • Mr. Book couldn’t find work out here, and then his (diabetic, stroke survivor) mother started going blind—so he moved out to where she is, in the Midwest, and got a job on his first day there. We’ll be apart for all of next year, but the plan is to bring him back out here in 2015, by which time we will hopefully have convinced my MIL to either come out here (our first choice) or go into assisted living in her hometown.

      • I’m sorry to hear about all this! That’s gotta be hard on your family. My husband is gone right now, too (for his own medical stuff). It’s so hard with the kids and working…. buuuuah. I feel for ya.

  2. Sending you a big hug! We did long distance for years, and the goodbyes made me so sad. I’m glad that you had a good visit, and I hope you and the boys are feeling better now after being sick.

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