Cough, Cough, Wheeze

Excuses: I’ve had a chest infection for just over three weeks now, and while it isn’t getting any better, it also isn’t getting any worse. It is my constant companion, and I am realizing that we don’t have a very healthy relationship.

In one week, Joey will have his IEP meeting; at that point, I will find out whether he is eligible for services through the school district and, if so, what services they think it appropriate to offer him. Everyone who works with him has assured me that he absolutely qualifies for special education; there is one program in particular that sounds like a good fit. Well, in a sense: it is geared toward kids who need more than just occasional speech therapy, kids who have low to moderate special needs. But it would take him away from me four hours a day, five days a week—I can’t imagine. He has been doing better at the Buddies program, the twice-weekly two-hour special needs pre-preschool he’s been attending for the last month and a half, but not so much better that I imagine anything other than his crying and crying if I leave him at school. Ugh. If he does end up in the program, I’ll have to work out some kind of transition plan with the district. How does this kind of thing normally go? I know that weepy, typical five-year-olds get dropped off for kindergarten and do okay, but Joey is just three and he doesn’t work the same way as a lot of other kids his age. This is what keeps me up at night. —Well, this and the coughing.

Part of the IEP meeting involves me talking about Joey’s strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been thinking about what to say. His strengths are his sweet and mellow temperament; his energy; his love of books; and his love of music. At least, those seem like things that might be relevant to his education. His weaknesses: communication; poor motor planning; social skills; some tendency to (mild) aggression when very frustrated or confronted with loud noises.

The boys have colds right now, and are about a month overdue for haircuts, so Joey looks like a Renaissance cherub with a headcold.

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