On Tuesday, my mother gave my brother a kidney. I don’t remember whether I’ve given my brother a blog moniker—I usually just call him my brother—so I’m going to call him Billy. Since Tuesday, a series of things have gone wrong for Billy, and today (I’m writing on Sunday afternoon) he had his fourth surgery. He got the kidney (surgery #1), he developed a clot in the artery to the new kidney, they went in to remove the clot and rebuild the artery (#2), they put him on blood thinners to prevent clots, he started bleeding internally, they opened him up again to try to stop the bleeding (#3), and then there was some more bleeding, which led to a pool of blood around the kidney, so they opened him up again and stopped that bleeding (#4). My mother, who is recovering from the operation in which they removed her kidney, is terrified for Billy; I’m less panicky, but still scared and sad for him.

Billy is in an excellent hospital that is an hour away in light traffic, and the traffic is rarely light. I’ve only made one trip to see him—children aren’t even allowed on his floor of the hospital, so it’s hard for me to find a time when I can leave them, especially since my mother is in no condition to watch them—but my father has been going every day, and sometimes twice a day. We’re all tired and freaked out, but no one is having a harder time than Billy.

If you have prayers or good thoughts to send our way, my brother could surely use them.


7 thoughts on “Kidneys

  1. Praying for you guys during this scary week. I’ll be praying that Billy receives the very best care and that he and your mom heal as quickly as possible. Hugs…

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