Billy and Ben

I’ve vaguely mentioned cooking meals for another family at various times in the past; on Saturday night, the woman for whom I was cooking died. She had planned to bring us homemade bread and jam on the Sunday, and it was already made—I didn’t expect her widower to bring it the next morning, but he did. It was sudden and not sudden—she had and rejected two lung transplants, and was not doing very well—and now she’s gone, and I will never get to talk about comic books with her again, which is an embarrassingly small loss next to her husband Ben’s.


Yesterday afternoon, my brother returned from the hospital after a two-week stay. He looks better than you might expect after five surgeries. I sort of want to connect this to my last paragraph, but any attempt looks garishly trite on the page. But I’m grieved that we’ve lost Hillary, and glad that we haven’t lost Billy. I would be more than happy to have lower stakes in our lives for awhile, please.

4 thoughts on “Billy and Ben

  1. I’m so glad that Billy is home from the hospital! I’m imagining there was no way could you guys have prepared emotionally for such a difficult process.

    It’s so moving to picture Ben bringing over the bread and jam that Hillary made for you. I’m sorry for this loss. If you cook meals for Ben going forward, it might mean a lot to him to be able to talk about Hillary with someone who felt a connection to her.

  2. I’m glad to hear about your brother, and sorry to hear about your friend. I’ll bet it was a comfort to her husband, bringing the bread and jam to you.

    I’m hoping things are a little less intense for you for the next while. xo

  3. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. Thinking of your family and hoping for healing and recovery for your brother.

  4. I’m thinking of you, Susie, and extremely sorry that you’ve lost someone you care about. Keep us updated on your brother and how the rest of your family–including you, of course–is doing.

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