The shooting yesterday was at a Regional Center—not the RC that Joey used to go to, but not that far from it, either. There’s a lot of darkness right now, and so I am going to make a list post: small good things.


  • Joey got a (family) children’s museum membership from my parents for his birthday, and he loves it. It’s a good mix of information and play, I think. I just signed the kids up for a free member event: next Saturday they will decorate Christmas cookies and watch the city’s Christmas parade from the museum, which is right downtown and maybe three minutes from Kit’s school.
  • While I don’t love the culture hegemony of Queen City, it does mean that it is getting majorly Christmas-y in all public spaces, which the kids are enjoying. Kit is also doing a ton of Christmas stuff in preschool, because Catholic school. We had a really good drop-off this morning, and I think that once he’s past his current phase of threeness, he’ll be able to make these transitions with grace.
  • On Sunday, I am taking the boys to Caring Santa, which I hadn’t even heard of until this year. It’s a free event for special-needs kids and their families; a special Santa comes to the mall before the mall is open for a peaceful, gentle visit with the kids. It’s not loud, there aren’t flashing lights—just a chance to talk to Santa, but no pressure. We have a reservation, and I’m hopeful.
  • Today I paid our bills and then got Christmas gifts for the kids, and that is just such a good feeling. I have failed to let them down. Hooray!
  • I have been carefully trying to build some bridges between Kit & Joey and Mister Book’s family, and it is going well so far. Mister Book has cut off contact with some local family after some vile behavior on their part (first about the adoption, later about him moving away to marry me), and he isn’t interested in reestablishing. That’s fair. But I want everyone who possibly can to care about these boys, so that they have the biggest possible network of loved ones around them.
  • Joey has been doing really well recently, happy and sweet and fun to be around. He and I have been doing more things alone together while Kit is in school; I think we’ll go hiking together Monday or Tuesday.

I hope everyone out there is having a good winter, and keeping warm.