Howdy, all. I think I will drop the level of anonymity here a nitch: I’ll still use fake names, because there are some unusual names in our mix, and I’ll still put Cricket pictures behind a password, because I think his moms would prefer that. But here are Kit and I as pirate and ghost pirate, on our way to a Halloween party last night.


Hi there! These are not the Monday costumes; I won’t let Kit break out the Official Halloween Costume until literal Halloween, so he’s rocking costumes like fireman and pirate for all the pre-Halloween parties etc.–costumes put together from stuff we already have. He loves Halloween, and so we’re going to an unprecedented (for me) number for related events; tomorrow we will be visiting an arena where he has horseback riding lessons, where the horses will be in costume and the children will not, for trick-or-treating and hayrides.

Kit is getting lessons at two different equestrian centers right now; there is a local program that gives eight weeks of lessons to kids having emotional, stress, or communication troubles, and he was accepted into that program. I don’t know whether he’ll keep riding there once the free lessons are up–we’ll see. He is genuinely learning to ride, though. I didn’t expect my kids to be learning things I don’t know at age four, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Things I have learned about horses this week: the bit between their ears is called the pole (poll?); you cannot wear a Halloween costume around an unprepared horse; barrel horses are not so named because of their bellies. I keep waiting to fall back in love with horses, but it turns out that mine was a mostly theoretical love in childhood, based around Black Beauty and the Black Stallion and Greatheart. Every week, I stand a couple of yards away from a pony while my son is in the tack room, and I wait to feel the pull–and instead I just reassure the gigantic, skeptical hoof-y dude that I will not touch him. [shrugs]

Kit is officially going to be redshirted for kindergarten; his school supports this decision. I love, love, love St. Blaise cathedral school, and I particularly love his teacher this year. Kit continues to be very young compared to other kids his age, but he’s growing and making friends (he has two!) and he loves to hear stories about Kit and his friend Bill the bird.

I’ll talk about Joey in another post, but did want to give a Cricket update; he is almost eight, which is bananas, and is coming to visit the weekend of Veterans’ Day. I don’t know exactly who is coming, or when—we’ve gotten pretty hands off, and just accept what is offered, which means that we haven’t gotten pictures in a year and a half, but we do Skype every once in awhile. At this point, we’re just trying to be available and have no expectations of Nora and Cricket—if Nora hadn’t planned a visit, we would not have asked. Kit is crazy about Cricket, but getting too invested in regular contact with the adoptive family is just not a good choice for any Book’s emotional health. It’s almost time to send birthday and Christmas gifts to Cricket, and I don’t have good ideas yet. There’s always LEGO.

I hope all y’all out there in radioland are having a good autumn.

3 thoughts on “Showing

  1. LOVE the pirate costumes!!! Oh my gosh this update makes my day. Kit is so adorable, making friends and riding horses, awww…

    I am so happy for you guys that Cricket is coming to visit. 8 soon, that is so terrific! You guys are the greatest.

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