About Me

No names on this blog are real names.

I am Susie Book, a birth mother in an open adoption; my placed son, Cricket, was born in December of 2008. His adoptive mothers are Ruth and Nora. Our relationship is not a close one, and I have likely not improved the situation by moving a thousand miles away. Cricket’s moms are in the pool, looking to adopt again. getting divorced, dating new people, and giving up on the second adoption that they’d started.

I married Cricket’s birth father when Cricket was six months old; we are now parenting Cricket’s full brothers, Joey (born in November of 2010) and Kit (born in June of 2012). Both Mr. Book and myself regret the placement, but do not share that regret with Ruth or Nora. We’re also angry with them, as we feel that we’re watching them squeeze the adoption closed, but all we can do is keep reaching out in polite and appropriate ways.

2 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. I can appreciate your situation. I think a child benefits from all the love they can get-parents, grandparents, birth and adoptive parents. Sadly, seldom are all these individuals able to pull it off in a caring way due to their personal conflicts.

    I was raised by my mom and step dad. I wasn’t exposed to the conflict between my mom and her first husband, my birth father. That all went on behind the scenes. In many ways, for a few years my childhood was painless. I was never torn between my two dads.

    And almost 50 years later I am unable to say for sure which way is best. To have an open relationship or be protected from the issues that evolve from sharing a child.

    The only thing I know for sure is that the discovery at ten years old that I had a birth father who I didn’t know shocked me. It changed my perspective of the world. It made me less trusting, less able to share my feelings.

    Good luck with your choices, no two situations are the same, take the steps that work for you.

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