Never Gonna Happen

We get to buy a bed! Woooo! Seriously, couldn’t be more excited about this; cosleeping will be funner with a little extra room. And if my sister Kate is very lucky, the bed will arrive before she comes to visit, and she and her husband will get to sleep on a futon instead of a pile of blankets and apologies.


I’ve been feeling pretty lousy for a few days—more and more contractions, less and less energy—but yesterday, for whatever reason, it was fantastic. I got a ton of work done, I stayed up late doing laundry; if it represented some kind of step backwards, I cannot bring myself to care. It was worth it. Oh, there was still the normal discomfort of weighing five thousand squirming pounds, but I was doing great. Too early to see what today will be like.


My mother and I talked for a long time on Sunday; she is planning to visit us the first week in December, and now it looks as though I may fly back with her so that I have some help with baby wrangling when I travel south for my grandmother’s memorial service. That means a week in California and away from the Mister that I hadn’t really planned, and I’m wondering a bit uneasily about how hard that will be—traveling with a newborn, hmm. I guess I’ll need to check a bag?


If I don’t have a baby tomorrow, which seems less and less likely as tomorrow gets closer, I’m just going to throw out there that the 23rd would be a nice day—I just found out that one of the lad’s namesake’s birthdays is that day. See, one of the reasons that I’ve felt comfortable throwing “Pete” around on the blog every so often (although I’ll come up with something official once he has arrived) is that his legal name has nothing to do with Pete or Peter; he’s being called after a relative whose name had nothing to do with Pete either, but who was called Pete his whole life for no reason that anyone can explain (well, unless you count the fact that his given name was pretty awful). His birthday, I found out this weekend, was November 23. So, you know, as fallbacks go . . . that would be a pretty cool one.